Thursday, October 14, 2010

So tiny!

Meff 'n' jojo's Tiny Instrument Revue

Retrosexual renegades from the stage shtetl of the Army of Broken Toys banter like Muppets over speak-easy era standards, perform Ukulele Ike songs rife with euphemnuendo, and provide vaudevillian interpretations of glam rock alongside original musical delinquency. For lovers of foppish dandies, moustache carousel rides, Betty Boop-a-likes and affectionate/bodily lipstick blotting (blotter acid).

Upon review of the tiniest of photo ops...



review! revue! show?

tiny instruments flickr & more wee pictures on jojo's flickr

(Forgive hiding the prior tiny instruments-centric entry, i am updating our PR!)

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